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Credit-Builder Loan

The Financial Freedom Loan

Start building your credit the right way.

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  • Financial freedom begins here.

    Loan created to help you build your financial story

    The Credit-Builder loan functions like our Share Secured Loan, and is designed to help our members with little to no credit. No matter your financial journey, this program focuses on building or rebuilding your credit score. Funds are deposited into your share account and will be held as collateral. As payments on your loan are made, the funds will be released. By making regular loan payments on time, you will have established credit and potentially improved your credit score. Let’s work together to build your credit!

    • Build more: great for building or repairing credit
    • $1,000 loan amount
    • 12 month term
    • Loan funds are deposited into your Magnolia Share account, where it will earn dividends
    • Generate “installment loan” credit history to improve your credit score
  • Rates


    Credit-Builder Loan

    Loan Type APR
    Credit-Builder Loan 4% above Share Savings rate

Start Rebuilding

Apply today and utilize our Credit-Builder loan to achieve your financial goals.

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*Rates and terms subject to change. All loan approvals are subject to normal underwriting guidelines.