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Share or Certificate Secured Loans

The lowest rate loan

Let your savings work for you and secure a loan with a stellar rate.

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  • A loan with advantages

    Why dip into your savings when you can build your credit? This loan comes with many advantages.

    If you want to cover a big expense, you may not want to dip into your savings. A secured loan from us gives you another option. You can use the savings you have in a share or certificate account as collateral. Borrow up to the secured amount, let your savings continue to earn interest, and keep a nice reserve of cash for when you might need it most. It’s the ultimate win-win solution.

    • Great for building or repairing credit
    • Continue to earn interest on your savings
    • Enjoy a wide range of term options
    • Get a loan from a friendly, local lender
  • Rates


    Share or Certificate Secured Loans

    Loan Type APR
    Share Savings Secured 3% above Share Savings rate
    Share Certificate Secured 3% above Share Certificate rate
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any fees associated with this type of loan?
    There are no fees associated with this loan. However, daily interest will accrue on any outstanding loan balance.


    For more information or if you have a question, please get in touch with us.

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