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Magnolia doesn’t just look at your credit score.

We will actually take time to get to know you and help you become more financially stable.

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We’re helping people become financially stable.

Save for emergencies, build your credit and get loans for things like cars and houses.

You can trust Magnolia to do what’s in your best interest.

We will show you everything we have, use, and need to make the decisions we make.

“I am so very proud of your CSR's because each of them has successfully made me feel that my concerns and problems were given the highest priority and within a very short time period, they were asking if there was something else they could help me with! All of my needs have been met and it is a great feeling that the person identified with my problem and knew how to solve the problem. Keep up the good work and meeting the customer needs. You will always have my business."

Mrs. Ruth Brown, retired teacher 2018

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Invest in a Magnolia FCU 12-month Share Certificate with an impressive 5.00% APY! LEARN MORE