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Zogo Finance

Get Paid To Learn

Zogo's mission is to make learning fun and provide financial knowledge to all. Get paid to learn now. Sponsored by Magnolia Federal Credit Union.

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  • Let’s Make Financial Literacy Fun!

    With the ZOGO Financial App, your kids can get paid to learn! ZOGO offers a series of bite-sized modules that will not only teach them about financial literacy but also pay them for learning. As they answer questions, they’ll earn points.


    Points can be redeemed for gift cards to stores such as:

    – Adidas
    – Starbucks
    – Amazon
    – Walmart
    – Sephora
    And much more!


    Use the access code: MAGNOLIA to start earning today!

    • 300+ bite-sized educational modules that cover all national standards for financial literacy.
    • Users start each module by learning 5 concepts before taking a 5-question quiz.
    • Answering each quiz correctly earns users points.
    • Easily redeem points for gift cards!

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Simply download the ZOGO Financial App, and get started today. The app is available for iTunes and Android.

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